Darling Street Chapel Ipswich Wedding – Louise & Cameron

Louise and Cameron were married on a stunning Autumn day at Darling Street Chapel in Ipswich, Queensland.  We started off with the boys at Louise and Cameron’s house.  The boys were in the final stages of getting ready when we arrived.


Louise had a little present for Cameron, that the boys gave to him just before we headed off to see the girls.  In the box was a pair of socks, in case he got cold feet, and tissues for any tears, mints for fresh breath and a nip of rum to calm the nerves.


We then went to Louise’s parents house where the girls we getting ready.


The girls dresses were amazing.  I loved how they each wore them differently.Louise&Cameron-222Louise&Cameron-225Louise&Cameron-227

I love having a second photographer along with me for a wedding.  It gives you the chance to see things from a different point of view.  The photo on the left is one taken by my second shooter Bri and the one on the right was the one I took.Louise&Cameron-238

It was then time to head to Darling Street Chapel in Ipswich for the ceremony.  Darling Street Chapel is a beautiful wedding venue for your ceremony and then they do a quick turn around to set it all up for your reception.Louise&Cameron-248Louise&Cameron-260Louise&Cameron-261Louise&Cameron-263

It didn’t take long for Louise’s mum to start tearing up and even before Louise arrived.Louise&Cameron-267Louise&Cameron-277Louise&Cameron-290

Those are real tears in Cameron’s eyes!Louise&Cameron-295Louise&Cameron-300Louise&Cameron-303Louise&Cameron-337

Cameron gives a little fist pump when Louise says her vows.Louise&Cameron-347Louise&Cameron-361Louise&Cameron-367Louise&Cameron-371Louise&Cameron-379Louise&Cameron-387Louise&Cameron-394Louise&Cameron-400Louise&Cameron-401Louise&Cameron-412

After family photos we headed to Nerima Gardens in Queens Park for some bridal party photos.  The sun was shinning through the trees and gave the bridal party a beautiful glow.


A golden sunset was the perfect end for the bridal party photos of Louise and Cameron’s Ipswich Wedding.Louise&Cameron-489Louise&Cameron-493Louise&Cameron-494Louise&Cameron-496

I couldn’t decide whether I like the colour or black and white version.  I love both.Louise&Cameron-502Louise&Cameron-511

Back to Darling Street Chapel for the reception. Louise&Cameron-518Louise&Cameron-522Louise&Cameron-537Louise&Cameron-540Louise&Cameron-547Louise&Cameron-570Louise&Cameron-583Louise&Cameron-586Louise&Cameron-592Louise&Cameron-595Louise&Cameron-602Louise&Cameron-605Louise&Cameron-608Louise&Cameron-610Louise&Cameron-617Louise&Cameron-618Louise&Cameron-625Louise&Cameron-628Louise&Cameron-638Louise&Cameron-643Louise&Cameron-651Louise&Cameron-653Louise&Cameron-661Louise&Cameron-667Louise&Cameron-683Louise&Cameron-686Louise&Cameron-690Louise&Cameron-704

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